[ICCHE Listserv] Nominations Requested – ICCHE Service Award

[ICCHE Listserv] Nominations Requested – ICCHE Service Award

The Illinois Council on Continuing Higher Education (ICCHE) has a forty-two year tradition in providing outstanding leadership and service in Illinois. ICCHE is a unique organization in that, from its very inception, it has been a collaboration among Illinois private colleges and universities, Illinois community colleges, and Illinois public universities. In 2015, ICCHE added for-profit institutions and multi-universities as a permanent addition to its by-law governance structure, demonstrating the ICCHE spirit of innovation and research-based change.
In recognition of this proud history, the ICCHE Past President’s Committee may select each year an individual or institution to receive the ICCHE Service Award. The award is presented at the ICCHE state annual meeting. These awards go to an institution and/or individual that has provided extended and exemplary service to ICCHE and the State of Illinois. ICCHE Past Presidents will comprise the selection committee.

The criteria:
1. Long term/outstanding contribution to ICCHE
2. Can be either an individual or Illinois higher education institution
3. Exemplary service achieved beyond expectations.

Submit a candidate name electronically to: Bonnie J. Covelli at bcovelli@stfrancis.edu
The deadline this year is January 22, 2018.

Bonnie J. Covelli, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor
Chair, School of Professional Studies
College of Business and Health Administration
phone: 815-740-5071
University of St. Francis
500 Wilcox Street Joliet, IL 60435
blog: usftraining.com

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